Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Burns Night Tuesday 20th January 2015

The Burns Evening in the Arundel restaurant was a resounding success. We had haggis, piper  and Dancing along with 75 or more very happy guests. The evening began with The Selkirk Grace and the guests being piped in with the bagpipes.  
We began with Cullen Squnk" a soup with leek, potato and smoked haddock. This was followed by the haggis procession and The address to the haggis. The haggis was then toasted with a wee dram and stabbed.. Then we served the haggis with neaps and taties. The complete menu is here below:

Burns Supper
£20.00 per person

Cullen Skink

Cream soup loaded with fresh smoked haddock and potatoes garnished with chopped chives


Haggis Tatties and Neaps

Traditional Haggis served with mashed swede and potatoes


Braised Highland Lamb Steak
Lamb Steak simmered with root vegetables, in red wine and ale served with classic Hassleback Potato


Marmalade & Whisky Bread & Butter Pudding
 Layered Brioche soaked and baked in vanilla custard with a hint of Whisky
Cranachan Ice-Cream Coupe
Raspberry ice-cream with caramelised oats and whipped cream topped with grated chocolate
The meal has just been served
Ready to start the dancing

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